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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jehovah Jireh, the Lord, my Provider for Life.  For He who has the Son, "Jesus", has Life.  I want to thank Him for sending Saints In Action Ministries into my path to help me back on my feet again.  Life is so funny.  As a darling child in 5th grade, I stood before my classroom with a glitter poster declaring I want to be a singer and an actress when I grow up.  Low and behold, I accomplished that.  I was half dead and on my last leg and breath when I was able to sing on the last ministry DVD for Saints In Action. 

Homelessness is not a place to be.  Satan came to kill, steal and to destroy but our Lord Jesus came that we might have everlasting life and abundant life as well.  I hope God can cheer some one up with observing my circumstances and place faith in them to keep on keeping on.  I know God has great plans for me.  I am doing my best to put Him first every day.  I thank God for Saints In Action Ministries.  They obeyed God's commands and fed my son and me when we were hungry, clothed us when we truly had no more clothes to wear and not only helped us find a shelter but furnished every room.   I want to thank them for all the trips back and forth acorss the desert to pick us up for church.  They take the time to listen and are patient to hear me rattle on and on. 
Because we are now settled in a home and not homeless roaming the streets, my son has been faithful in his attendance at school and is now on A and B Honor Roll.  We continue to attend church and continue to trust in the Lord daily and for our future.  Thank you. 
I would like to share the following poem that the Lord has given me.  I pray that it will bless you.
I come to You Master with eyes full of tears
Awaiting patiently to be filled with cheer
For You are above my every care
And Your Spirit lingers everywhere
I'm so sorry I forsake Your will sometimes
I want to obey You and I yearn to be with You
For the members of my body wage war with my mind
But I trust with my heart You are always on time.
For You said, "Cast all your cares upon Me and you will certianly see."
Your precious thoughts are much higher than mine.
For I am the branch and You are the vine.
Mold me, shape me, time and time
Fill me with New wine
For I am a vessel for You
Teach me Father what I must do.
Kristy Anna Zimmerman



My experience with the organization, Saints in Action has increased my faith! Please allow me to explain: A friend referred me to the 24hr. prayer line because of the great distress regarding my marriage. I called the ministry and they opened their heart to me and gave me of their time which surprised me as well as blessed me. They offered to meet with me to talk more about my situation. As I was sharing with them, I felt the presence of the Lord and confirmation to the council that I received from them. I had goose bumps as they spoke with authority the word of God and I had peace in my spirit.

The journey to bring healing and resolution regarding my marriage continues, however, I am stronger, more grounded than I ever expected. This is greatly contributed to the continual prayer support and GODLY COUNSEL that has been offered and freely given by Saints In Action. They have sown seeds of faith into my life as well as modeled and demonstrated spiritual authority that we all have as Christians.

Faith without works is DEAD. Jesus has come to give life more abundantly

and I choose life over death. Saints in Action are alive in Christ and their faith demonstrates that in a clear and profound way!

God Bless your Ministry and life of reaching others for Christ!!

---Rebekah McDonald---


When I was taking care of my dying husband, he had an odor of death about him. He was a diabetic and did not want to live without his limbs.  After He passed away, I smelled that horrible odor of rotting flesh for six months. Even though I knew it was no longer in my home, I still could smell it when I walked into the bedroom.
I participate in a ministry called Saints In Action. Once a month, some of them will go to the rest home in Mesa and witness to the patients and pray for them. I could not go. I knew that if I smelled that smell of death, I could not handle it.
The Lord is so forgiving and awesome. He showed me that my fear was hindering what He wanted for me and also, the things he wanted to do in my life.
So last Sunday I went to the nursing home. There was no odor. Just special wonderful people there. Many not by choice. It is also a recovery center for patients to stay at until they are ready to go home.
Two people received the Lord Jesus as their personal  Lord and Savior.  Another elderly woman in her nineties was very cold and we knew it would not be long before she went home. We sang Jesus, Loves Me This I Know. She started singing with us. It brought great comfort to her. She knew who Jesus was.   As we went from room to room, we prayed for the needs of others.  Some just wanted to talk about their families, others were o.k. with where they were at.   One gentleman listened to the bible on an old 8 track cassette player.  He loved the Lord.
I was so humbled to be in the presence of these wonderful children of God.   I rejoice that I have climbed that mountain. It is behind me now and can move on to greater things that He has for me.
God bless and encourage all who read this testimony.
--Always His, Lynn Becker--




If our Lord God is speaking to you and you want to share your testimony with us,
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